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Welcome to Our Tour
Use the map to the left to take a virtual tour of Lancaster Farms. Simply click on the red number or corresponding description to visit an area of interest.

Feel free to jump around the tour...but keep in mind that the easiest way to navigate through is in sequential order.

Have fun, and if you have any questions or comments please let us know. Write us at tour@lancasterfarms.com


Are you interested in the origins of Lancaster Farms? Our history is documented for your nostalgic enjoyment here. We will be adding a link to our history soon.

Take a Tour of Lancaster Farms

"Quality is a Matter of Choice."

We'd love for you to come pay us a visit so that we can show you around in person. Unitl then, we've made this "virtual tour" for you, highlighting some of the things we think you'll find most interesting about Lancaster Farms.

Still growing...

Back when we began in 1969 we had no idea we'd grow so big. We've outgrown our main farm and moved some production to neighboring farms. You can take a tour of them too, if you want.

Murphy's Mill:
This is our tree farm--almost all exclusively Pot-in-Pot production. Approximately 50 acres.

Development work has been under way at this 100 acre farm for about three years. Larger #7 and #15 Can material is in production.

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