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Art Parkerson Owner, CEO
Charlie Parkerson Founder
Chris Brown President & General Manager
Jud Vaughan Vice President, Buyer
Pennie Cardon Office, Accounts Payable & Receivable
Jason Adkins Sales & Customer Service
Daniel Burke IT Director, Computer Systems
Leon Guanzon Graphic Artist, Special Projects
Sarah Jordan Sales & Customer Service
Jay Mears Paver & Stone Products; Outside Sales & Customer Service
Nancy Mears Accounts Receivable
Barbara Moscoffian Sales, Shipping Coordinator
Matt Nagle Perennial Inventory
Clair Wright Jr. Sales & Customer Service
Julie Farris Production Office
Wade Bratton Shipping Supervisor
Nic Gadshian Production Supervisor
Cissy Johnson Asst. Shipping Supervisor
Shawn Jones Propagation & Research
David Patterson Special Projects
Dennis Switzer Irrigation
Hank Thornburg III Horticulturist, Production Planning
Mike Hotte Murphy Mill Farm Manager
Dewayne Stables Pitchkettle Farm Manager
Brien Moscoffian Shop Manager
John Salzman Plant Center Manager
Jud Vaughan Plant Buyer
Donna Burgess Plant Center Office Manager
Grant Goessel Plant Center Sales
Cheryl Lajoie Plant Center Sales
Jay Mears Paver & Stone Products; Outside Sales & Customer Service
Liz Pine Plant Center Sales
Chris Riley Plant Center Sales
Mike Ward Outside Sales, Plant Center Shipping Manager


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Lancaster Farms, Inc., 5800 Knotts Neck Road, Suffolk, Virginia 23435

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Lancaster Farms is a wholesale container nursery serving the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

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