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Pondless Waterfall & Landscape Lighting Installation Event


Lancaster Farms has succesfully completed another "Partners for Success" Training Event. The latest event was a "hands on" opportunity and was held at the Plant Center on September 9, 2004.

Thirty one (31) people representing 21 different companies participated in this day long program. The morning was dedicated to learning how to build a Pondless Waterfall from the ground up. Don Schnoor from Aquatic Gardens and Koi instructed the group in all of the necessary elements involved from beginning the project to completion. The completed project lies right next to the front walkway of the Plant Center so that our customers can enjoy its beauty and learn more about the elements of installation.

After lunch, the group began the Landscape Lighting portion of the training at another site on the Farm. Bruce Kenison from Cast Lighting was our instructor for this training segment and did an excellent job of taking the group through all of the intricacies of installing a Landscape Lighting job from beginning to end.. In addition to learning about the Lighting products and installation techniques, the group had the opportunity to install a 26 light system at a property adjacent to the Farm. After dinner we were able to turn on the Lighting that we had just installed and see the finished product.

We received very positive feed back from those who were involved in these training sessions. Certificates of completion are being provided to all participants. See the photos below to view various stages of the projects (click on any picture to view a larger version).



Let's Pitch In

Working Together

Finishing Up the Waterfall

Project Completed

Project Completed

Pondless Waterfall Cost Estimate
(Microsoft Word Document)


Landscape Lighting Training

Preparing for the Lighting Installation


This is not the project done during the seminar.
This house in Virginia Beach was lit with Cast Lighting purchased from Lancaster Farms.

Landscape Lighting Cost Estimates
(Microsoft Word Document)

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