Annuals / Seasonal Color

Fall 2017 Color Guide

This gallery represents the annuals we are offering for the Fall 2017 season. Do not use this for availability, as actual inventory comes on at different times. Click the link above to go back to the availability page.


Blue Light True Delta
Blue True Delta
Deep Blue w/ Blotch Delta
Lav-Blue Shades Delta
Mix Autumn Blaze Matrix
Mix Blotch Premium Delta
Mix Citrus Delta
Mix Cotton Candy Delta
Mix Knotts Neck Matrix
Mix Lancaster Farms Matrix
Mix Pure Color Delta
Mix Spirit Delta
Mix Topaz Garnet Matrix
Mix Watercolors Delta
Orange Matrix
Pink Shades Matrix
Purple Beaconsfield Matrix
Purple Matrix
Red Delta
Red w/ Blotch Delta
Rose Pure Delta
White Matrix
White w/ Blotch Delta
Yellow Lemon Pure Delta
Yellow Primrose Pure Delta
Yellow Pure Delta
Yel/Prp Wing Delta
Yel w/ Blotch Delta


Endurio Lavender
Mix Penny Lane
Sorbet True Blue
Sorbet White
Sorbet Yellow


Snapshot Autumn Mix
Snapshot Berry Cream
Mix Liberty
Mix Speedy Sonnet

Ornamental Edibles

Cabbage Red Osaka
Cabbage White Osaka
Kale Pink Coral Queen
Kale Pink Songbird
Kale Red Peacock
Kale Red Kamone
Kale White Nagoya
Kale White Peacock


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