Established in 1969, Lancaster Farms is a wholesale container nursery serving the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

Lancaster Farms Team Photo

The Lancaster Farms Team is broken up into several divisions, but we never want to lose sight of the fact that we are all part of the same team working toward a common goal: to provide you with the finest plant material available anywhere.


Art Parkerson

Art Parkerson Owner and CEO

email Art Parkerson
Dewayne Stables

Dewayne Stables Director of Operations

email Dewayne Stables


Jason Adkins

Jason Adkins Sales and Customer Service

email Jason Adkins
Denise Peerey

Denise Peerey Sales and Customer Service

email Denise Peerey
Joel Peerey

Joel Peerey Sales and Customer Service

email Joel Peerey
John Salzman

John Salzman Sales and Customer Service

email John Salzman
Donna Burgess

Donna Burgess Delivery and Customer Service

email Donna Burgess
Mallory Patterson

Mallory Patterson Shipping Coordinator/Sales Support

email Mallory Patterson


Snapdragon Berry Cream

Kirsten Elliott Office Manager and AP/AR

email Kirsten Elliott
Topiaries in a wind tunnel

John Cann Business Developement

email John Cann
Chris Riley

Chris Riley AR and Support

email Chris Riley
Roger Ernst

Roger Ernst IT Director

email Roger Ernst

Landscape Distribution Center

Barbara Sluss

Barbara Sluss Center Team Leader

email Barbara Sluss
John 'Jud' Vaughan, Jr.

John "Jud" Vaughan, Jr. Plant Buyer

email John 'Jud' Vaughan, Jr.
Christopher Brown, Jr.

Christopher Brown, Jr. Purchasing

email Christopher Brown, Jr.
Kendahl Huber

Kendahl Huber Horticulturist

email Kendahl Huber
Tonya Young

Tonya Young Sales and Hardscapes

email Tonya Young
John McCormick

John McCormick Sales and Hardscapes

email John McCormick
Charles Boone

Charles Boone Sales and Customer Service

email Charles Boone
Brooke Beacham

Brooke Beacham Sales and Customer Service

email Brooke Beacham


Julie Farris

Julie Farris Production Office

email Julie Farris
Joe Compton

Joe Compton LF Farm Manager

email Joe Compton
Nic Gadshian

Nic Gadshian Annual and Perennial Production

email Nic Gadshian
Shawn Jones

Shawn Jones Propagation and Research

email Shawn Jones
Matt Nagle

Matt Nagle Inventory/Shrub/Perennial Manager

email Matt Nagle

Plant Selection
and Loading

Jr Lauver

Jr Lauver Main LF Loading Team Leader

email Jr Lauver
Von Wright

Von Wright LF West Loading Team Leader

email Von Wright