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Category: Perennial Plants
Acanthus Mollis
Acanthus 'Summer Beauty'
Achillea Moonshine Yellow
Achillea New Vintage Red PP 25618
Achillea New Vintage Violet PP 25750
Achillea Pink Grapefruit PP 20741
Achillea Skysail Pink
Achillea Summer Pastels / Mix
Agapanthus 'Barley Blue'
Agapanthus 'Ever White'
Agapanthus Lily Of The Nile
Agapanthus X Midnight Blue
Agastache Blue Fortune
Agastache Kudos Ambrosia PP 25614
Agastache Kudos Red PP 30375
Agastache Littler Adder
Alyssum Golden Spring PP 25710
Amsonia Blue Ice
Amsonia Hubrichtii
Amsonia Starstruck PP 32246
Anemone Sylvestris White
Aquilegia Kirigami Deep Blu&Wt
Aquilegia Kirigami Mix
Aquilegia Kirigami Red & White
Aquilegia Origami Blue & White
Aquilegia Origami Mix
Aquilegia Origami Red & White
Aquilegia Winky Blue & White
Aquilegia Winky Double Mix
Aquilegia Winky Mix
Aralia Sun King
Armeria Dreameria DreamWeaver PP 30600
Armeria Dreameria Vivid Dreams PP 35236
Armeria Thrift Rose
Artemisia Silver Lining
Artemisia Silver Mound
Asarum Splendens
Asclepias Incarnata
Asclepias Incarnata Cinderella
Asclepias Tuberosa
Assorted Perennials
Aster Monch
Aster Purple Dome
Aster Raydons Favorite
Astilbe Bridal Veil
Astilbe Dark Side Of The Moon PPAF
Astilbe Deutschland Wht
Astilbe Fanal Red
Astilbe Little Visions In Pink PP 21886
Astilbe Snowdrift White
Astilbe Visions In Pink PP 11860
Astilbe Visions In Red PP 11965
Astilbe Visions Purp-Red
Buddleia Buzz Ivory PP 23464
Buddleia Buzz Purple PP 22064
Buddleia Buzz Velvet PP 23462
Buddleia Chrysalis Cranberry PP 33845
Buddleia Chrysalis Pink PP 33843
Buddleia Chrysalis Purple PP 33847
Buddleia Chrysalis White
Bulb Allium Gladiator
Bulb Leucojum Giant Snowdrop
Bulb Narciss Carlton
Bulb Narcissus Dutch Master
Bulb Narcissus Minnow
Bulb Narcissus Mix Lg Cupped
Bulb Narcissus Pheasant's Eye
Bulb Narcissus Poet's
Bulb Narcissus Stainless
Bulb Narcissus Sunshine Mix
Bulb Narcissus Tete A Tete
Bulb Tulip Appledorns Elite
Bulb Tulip Ariel/Red
Bulb Tulip Dutch Prince Mix
Bulb Tulip Golden Parade Yello
Bulb Tulip Hakuun White
Bulb Tulip Hella Lights,Yellow
Bulb Tulip La Courtine Red/Yel
Bulb Tulip Oxford Red
Bulb Tulip Pink Impression
Bulb Tulip Red Impression
Bulb Tulip Van Elk Red
Bulb Tulip White Flag White
Bulb Tulip Yellow Emperor/Yell
Campanula Rapido Blue
Campanula Rapido White
Canna Cannova Bronze Scarlet
Canna Cannova Orange Shades
Canna Cannova Red Golden Flame
Canna Cannova Red Shades
Canna Cannova Rose
Canna Cannova Yellow
Canna Cannove Scarlet
Canna Covanna Mango
Canna South Pacific Scarlet
Caryopteris Grand Bleu PP 17837
Caryopteris Longwood Blue
Centaurea Silver Swirl PPAF
Ceratostigma Plumbago Blue
Chelone Hot Lips
Clem. Armandii
Clem. Paniculata Staked
Clem. Sapphire Indigo Blue
Clem. Sweet Sum. Love PP24044 PP 24044
Clivia Bush Lily Assorted
Colocasia Black Magic
Cordyline Black Magic
Cordyline Juddi
Cordyline Red Sensation
Cordyline Red Star
Coreopsis Creme Caramel PP 22565
Coreopsis Jethro Tull PP 18789
Coreopsis Little Bird PP 26108
Coreopsis Mercury Rising PP 24689
Coreopsis Moonbeam Yel
Coreopsis Rosea Am. Dream
Coreopsis S&S Crazy Cayenne
Coreopsis S&S Curry Up PP 28521
Coreopsis S&S Hot Paprika PP 28522
Coreopsis Sunfire
Coreopsis Sweet Marmalade
Coreopsis UpTick Gold & Bronze PP 28882
Coreopsis Uptick Cream & Red
Coreopsis Uptick Red PP 33866
Coreopsis Uptick Yellow & Red PP 28865
Coreopsis Zagreb Yellow
Crocosmia Lucifer Red
Day Apricot Elizabeth Salter
Day Lavender Always Afternoon
Day Lavender Entrapment
Day Orange Mary Brown
Day Orange Mauna Loa
Day Pink Rosy Returns PP 9779
Day Pink South Seas
Day Pink Strawberry Candy
Day Pink Wineberry Candy
Day Red Pardon Me
Day White Joan Senior
Day White Pandora's Box
Day Yellow Happy Returns
Day Yellow Stella D'Oro
Delosperma Coop. Purple
Delosperma Garnet Red PP 23471
Delosperma Moonstone White PP 23491
Delosperma Nub. Yellow
Delosperma O.S. Orange Vibe PPAF
Delosperma O.S. Violet PPAF
Delosperma Peridot / Yellow
Delosperma Rock Crystal White PPAF
Delphinium NZ Mini Stars
Delphinium Red Lark PP 29761
Dianthus Appleblossom Burst PP 31454
Dianthus Assorted
Dianthus Beauties White
Dianthus Constant Promise Wht
Dianthus Eastern Star Red PP 14437
Dianthus Firewitch Pnk-Rd
Dianthus Frosty Fire Red
Dianthus Mtn Frost Pink Pompom PP 30190
Dianthus Mtn Frost Ruby Glittr PP 33461
Dianthus Neon Star Pink PP 14549
Dianthus PaintTheTown Fancy
Dianthus PaintTheTown Magenta
Dianthus Scent First Memories PP 25027
Dianthus Scent First Passion PP 20440
Dianthus Scent First SugarPlum PP 21398
Dianthus Starburst Pink PP 21162
Dianthus Tiny Rubies / Dbl Red
Dicentra Alba White
Dicentra Spectabilis Pink
Digiplexis Berry Canary PP 27607
Digiplexis Illumin. Flame PP 25442
Digitalis Arctic Fox Rose PP 31900
Digitalis Dalmation Peach
Digitalis Dalmation Purple
Digitalis Dalmation Rose
Digitalis Foxlight Plum Gold PP 26586
Digitalis Foxlight Rose Ivory PP 26554
Digitalis Foxlight Ruby Glow PP 25640
Digitalis Foxy Mix
Digitalis Lucas
Dusty Miller Silver Dust
Echinacea Artisan Red Ombre
Echinacea Artisan Soft Orange
Echinacea Burgundy Shades PPAF
Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit
Echinacea D.S. Watermelon PPAF
Echinacea Dark Shadows Wicked PPAF
Echinacea Lakota Fire PPAF
Echinacea Magnus Purple
Echinacea Orange Fire PPAF
Echinacea Pow Wow White PP 702918
Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry PPAF
Echinacea Somb. Adobe Orange PP 26639
Echinacea Somb. Granada Gold
Echinacea Somb. Lemon Yellow PP 24768
Echinacea Somb. Poco Hot Coral PP 23097
Echinacea Somb. Sangrita Red PP 30138
Echinacea Sombrero Hot Coral PP 23097
Echinacea Sombrero Salsa Red PP 23105
Echinacea Sombrero Tres Amigos PP 30750
Echinacea White Swan
Echinacea Yellow Fire PPAF
Epimedium Grandiflora
Eupatorium Purpureum
Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow PP 21401
Euphorbia Bonfire PP 18585
Fern Athry. Jap. Godzilla
Fern Athyrium Ghost
Fern Athyrium Jap. Regal Red
Fern Athyrium Lady In Red
Fern Athyrium Pearly White
Fern Cyrtomium Holly
Fern Dryop. Autumn Brilliance
Fern Dryop. Southern Shield
Fern Dryopteris Dixie Wood
Fern Dryopteris Jurassic Gold PP 32735
Fern Matteuccia Ostrich
Fern Osmunda Cinnamon
Fern Polystichum Christmas
Fern Polystichum Tassel
Fern Thelypteris Japan Beech
Fruit Blackberry Arapaho PP 8510
Fruit Blackberry Ark-45 PP 22449
Fruit Blackberry Black Satin
Fruit Blackberry Chester
Fruit Blackberry Loch Ness
Fruit Blackberry Navaho PP 6679
Fruit Blackberry Triple Crown
Fruit Blackberry Twilight PP 30879
Fruit Blueberry Bluecrop
Fruit Blueberry Blueray
Fruit Blueberry Chandler
Fruit Blueberry Duke
Fruit Blueberry Elliott
Fruit Blueberry Jersey
Fruit Blueberry Legacy
Fruit Blueberry Misty
Fruit Blueberry Northcountry
Fruit Blueberry Northsky
Fruit Blueberry Patriot
Fruit Blueberry Reka
Fruit Blueberry Sharpblue
Fruit Blueberry Sunshine Blue
Fruit Blueberry Sweetheart
Fruit Blueberry Top Hat
Fruit Grape Concord Seedless
Fruit Raspberry Caroline
Fruit Raspberry Coho
Fruit Raspberry Fall Gold
Fruit Raspberry Heritage
Fruit Raspberry Lewis
Fruit Raspberry Meeker
Fruit Raspberry Williamette
Gaillardia Arizona Apricot
Gaillardia Arizona Red Shades
Gaillardia Arizona Sun
Gaillardia Mesa Red
Gaillardia Mesa Yellow
Gaura Belleza Dark Pink PPAF
Gaura Gaudi Red PP 26518
Gaura Siskiyou Pink
Gaura Whirling Butterflies/Wht
Gaura Whiskers Rose Deep PP 26399
Geranium Azure Rush PP 22684
Geranium New Hampshire Purple
Geranium Rozanne PP 12175
Geum Blazing Sunset
Geum Tequila Sunrise PP 21514
Geum Totally Tangerine PP 22041
Ginger Triostar
Grass Acorus Ogon
Grass Calamagrostis K.Foerster
Grass Carex Aurea
Grass Carex Blue Zinger
Grass Carex Evercream
Grass Carex Everest PP 20955
Grass Carex Everglow PP 30466
Grass Carex Evergold
Grass Carex Everillo PP 21002
Grass Carex Eversheen PP 25938
Grass Carex Feather Falls PP 26199
Grass Carex Hobb
Grass Carex Pennsylvanica
Grass Carex Prairie Fire
Grass Chasmanthium Sea Oats
Grass Cortaderia Dwarf Pampas
Grass Cortaderia Pampas
Grass Eragrostis Purple Love
Grass Festuca Beyond Blue PP 23307
Grass Festuca Elijah Blue
Grass Hakonechloa Mac. Aureola
Grass Juncus Big Twister
Grass Juncus Blue Arrows
Grass Juncus Effusus
Grass Miscanthus Adagio Dwarf
Grass Miscanthus Bandwidth PPAF
Grass Miscanthus Cabaret
Grass Miscanthus Dixieland
Grass Miscanthus Gracillimus
Grass Miscanthus Huron Sunrise
Grass Miscanthus Little Miss PP 28849
Grass Miscanthus Morning Light
Grass Miscanthus MyFair Maiden PP 26387
Grass Miscanthus Scout
Grass Miscanthus Strictus
Grass Muhlenbergia Capillaris
Grass Nassella Mexican Feather
Grass Panicum Apache Rose
Grass Panicum Cheyenne Sky
Grass Panicum Heavy Metal
Grass Panicum Hot Rod PP 26074
Grass Panicum Northwind
Grass Panicum Rotstrahlbush
Grass Panicum Shenandoah
Grass Pennisetum Cassian
Grass Pennisetum First Knight PP 25515
Grass Pennisetum Fountain
Grass Pennisetum Ginger Love PP 26442
Grass Pennisetum Hameln Dwarf
Grass Pennisetum Karley Rose PP 12909
Grass Pennisetum Little Bunny
Grass Pennisetum Moudry/Black
Grass Pennisetum 'Piglet' PP 19074
Grass Pennisetum Rub Fireworks PP 18504
Grass Pennisetum Rubrum
Grass Schiz. Chameleon PP 31339
Grass Schiz. Praire Blues
Grass Sporobolis Heterolepsis
Hansara Jumping Jacks PP 31628
Helianthus Autumn Gold PP 30117
Heliopsis Summer Eclipse
Helleborus Brandywine
Helleborus Candy Love PP 27968
Helleborus Champion / White
Helleborus Cinnamon Snow PP 21003
Helleborus Emma PPAF
Helleborus FK Cheryls Shine-Pk PPAF
Helleborus FK Danas Dulcet Pk PPAF
Helleborus FK Mollys White PP 25685
Helleborus FK Pennys Pink PP 24149
Helleborus First Dance
Helleborus Flower Girl
Helleborus French Kiss
Helleborus Honeymoon Mixed
Helleborus Ice Rose White PP 28293
Helleborus Ice Roses Carlotta PP 33779
Helleborus Ice Roses Jacob
Helleborus Ice Roses Liara
Helleborus Ice Roses Red
Helleborus Ivory Prince PP 16199
Helleborus Jacob PP 17799
Helleborus Mahogany Snow PP 23898
Helleborus Merlin PP 22350
Helleborus Paris In Pink
Helleborus Pine Knot Select
Helleborus Pink Frost PP 21063
Helleborus Rio Carnival
Helleborus Romantic Getaway
Helleborus Sandy Shores
Helleborus Snow Love PP 19559
Helleborus Snowbells
Helleborus Spanish Flare
Helleborus Victoria PP 27968
Helleborus White Star
Helleborus WinterBallet Liara
Helleborus Wtr Jwls Blk Diamnd
Helleborus Wtr Jwls Jade Star
Helleborus Wtr Jwls Onyx Odysy
Helleborus Wtr Jwls Painted
Helleborus Wtr Jwls Pico Pearl
Helleborus Wtr Mgc Winter Star
Heuchera Black Pearl
Heuchera Carn. Cinnamon Stick
Heuchera Carn. Fall Festival PPAF
Heuchera Carn. Peach Parfait PP 24928
Heuchera Carn. Rose Granita PPAF
Heuchera Carni. Silver Streak PP 24770
Heuchera Carnival Blk Olive PPAF
Heuchera Carnival Candy Apple
Heuchera Carnival Cocomint PP 24927
Heuchera Carnival Coffee Bean PP 24943
Heuchera Carnival Limeade PP 24899
Heuchera Carnival Watermelon PP 24803
Heuchera Crimson Curls PP 13729
Heuchera Guacamole
Heuchera Lemon Love PP 31223
Heuchera Lime Marmalade PP 21861
Heuchera Magma
Heuchera Mega Caramel
Heuchera Melting Fire
Heuchera Midnight Rose PP 18551
Heuchera Northern Exp Sienna PP 32044
Heuchera Obsidian PP 14836
Heuchera Palace Purple
Heuchera Silver Scrolls PP 12066
Heuchera Sunrise
Heuchera Timeless Treasure
Heuchera Wildberry PP 31222
Heucherella Catching Fire
Heucherella Copper King PP 35191
Hibiscus Candy Crush
Hibiscus Evening Rose
Hibiscus Head/Heels Adore PP 32883
Hibiscus Head/Heels Blush PP 30824
Hibiscus Head/Heels Dream PPAF
Hibiscus Head/Heels Passion PP 30853
Hibiscus Holy Grail
Hibiscus Lilac Crush
Hibiscus Starry Starry Night PP 27901
Hosta Alba Marginata/Lavender
Hosta Allan P. McConnell / Lav
Hosta Aureo Marginata/Lavender
Hosta Blue Angel / White
Hosta Blue Cadet / Lavender
Hosta Blue Mouse Ears / Lav
Hosta Blueberry Muffin
Hosta Earth Angel
Hosta Elegans
Hosta Empress Wu / Lav PP 20774
Hosta Fire & Ice / Lavender
Hosta First Frost
Hosta Francee / Lavender
Hosta Frances Williams / White
Hosta Gold Standard / Lavender
Hosta Golden Tiara / Lavender
Hosta Guacamole / Lavender
Hosta Halcyon / Lavender
Hosta Hudson Bay PP 23598
Hosta June / Lavender
Hosta Krossa Regal
Hosta Medio Variegated / Lav
Hosta Mini Skirt PP 26743
Hosta Orange Marmalade Lavnder PP 16742
Hosta Paradigm
Hosta Patriot / Lavender
Hosta Paul's Glory / Lavender
Hosta Praying Hands / Lav
Hosta Rainforest Sunrise
Hosta Royal Crest PP 32067
Hosta Royal Standard / White
Hosta Sieboldii / White
Hosta Stained Glass
Hosta Sum And Substance / Lav.
Hosta Vulcan
Hosta White Dove
Hosta Wide Brim
Hosta Wolverine / Lavender
Hosta Wrinkle In Time PP 29456
Houttuynia Chameleon
Hypericum Calycinum
Hypericum Fiesta PP 26400
Hypericum Hidcote
Hypericum Tricolor Yellow
Iberis Little Gem White
Iberis Snowsation PP 29637
Iberis Summer Snowdrift PP 30713
Iris Cristada Tennessee White
Iris Ger. Bernices Legacy /Red
Iris Ger. Champagne Elegance
Iris Ger. City Lights/Vio-Blue
Iris Ger. Clarence / Lt.Bl-Vio
Iris Ger. Feedback / Blue-Vio
Iris Ger. Final Episode/PurYel
Iris Ger. Gambling Man
Iris Ger. Harvest Of Memories
Iris Ger. Immortality / White
Iris Ger. In Living Color/Yel
Iris Ger. Ink Patterns /WhtPur
Iris Ger. Innocent Star/Dk Red
Iris Ger. Open Ocean / LtBl-Vi
Iris Ger. Peggy Sue / Lt. Pink
Iris Ger. Pink Attraction/Pink
Iris Ger. Pure As Gold / Yel
Iris Ger. Rare Treat /Wht-Pur
Iris Ger. River Romance/DkPurp
Iris Ger. Sea of Love
Iris Ger. Spartan / Red
Iris Ger. Titan's Glory/Purple
Iris Ger. Victoria Falls/Bl-Vi
Iris Jap. Ensata Variegata
Iris Jap. Temple Bells
Iris Sib. Caesar's Brother
Iris Versicolor
Kalanchoe Flapjacks
Kalanchoe Ling Ling
Kiphofia Glowstick PPAF
Kniphofia Glowstick
Kniphofia Hot And Cold
Kniphofia Orange Blaze
Kniphofia Popsicle Pineapple PP 22969
Kniphofia Popsicle Red Hot PP 24036
Kniphofia Red Hot Poker
Lamium Beacon Silver Pink
Lamium Purple Dragon PP 15890
Lantana Miss Huff
Lavandula Annet
Lavandula Big Time Blue PP 24827
Lavandula Grosso
Lavandula Munstead Strain
Lavandula Phenomenal PP 24193
Lavandula Primavera PP 33269
Lavandula Provence Lav-Blue
Lavandula Silver Sands
Lavandula SuperBlue PP 24929
Leucanthemum Angel Daisy PP 14289
Leucanthemum Banana Cream PP 23181
Leucanthemum Becky - Wht
Leucanthemum Daisy May PP 21914
Leucanthemum Early White
Leucanthemum Real Goldcup PP 33766
Leucanthemum Snow Cap
Leucanthemum Spun Silk
Leucanthemum White Lion
Leucanthemum Whoops-a-Daisy PP 27259
Liatris Blazing Star
Liatris Kobold Purple
Liatris Spicata Blue
Liriope Big Blue Improved
Liriope Green
Liriope Peedee Ingot Var.
Liriope Royal Purple
Liriope Spic. Silver Dragon
Liriope Variegated
Lithodora Grace Ward Blue
Lobelia Scarlet Starship
Lobelia Starship Blue
Lomandra Platinum Beauty PP 25962
Lysimachia Goldie
Lysimachia Goldilocks
Lysimachia Night Light PP 33931
Mangave Dreadlocks PP 31216
Mangave Inkblot PP 29431
Mangave Lavender Lady PP 29194
Mangave Mad About You Mix
Mangave Mission To Mars PP 29393
Mangave Navajo Princess PP 31136
Mangave Pineapple Express PP 28613
Mangave Purple People Eater PP 29949
Mazus Alba
Monarda Balmy Lilac PP 26594
Monarda Balmy Purple PP 25561
Monarda Balmy Rose PP 26561
Monarda Fireball Red PP 14235
Monarda Jacob Cline
Monarda Petite Delight Pnk PP 10784
Monarda Raspberry Wine / Red
Monarda Sugar Buzz Berry Taffy PP 34715
Monarda Sugar Buzz Blue Moon PP 29549
Monarda Sugar Buzz Cherry Pops PP 27618
Mondo Grass Black
Nepeta Cat's Pajamas PP 31127
Nepeta Chartreuse On The Loose PPAF
Nepeta Dropmore Hybrid
Nepeta Early Bird
Nepeta Junior Walker PP 23074
Nepeta Little Trudy PP 18904
Nepeta Purrsian Blue PP 24788
Nepeta Walker's Low Blue
Nepeta Whispurr Blue PP 33042
Oenothera Siskiyou / Rose-Pink
Origanum Variegated
Passion Flower
Penstemon Blackbeard PP 30052
Penstemon Carillo Red
Penstemon Dark Towers PP 20013
Penstemon Huskers Red
Penstemon Mini Bells Lavender PP 30698
Penstemon Mini Bells Red PP 30699
Penstemon Prairie Twilight PP 19893
Penstemon Quartz Amethyst PP 27821
Penstemon Quartz Red PP 32296
Penstemon Red Rocks P008S
Penstemon Rock Candy Blue
Penstemon Rock Candy Pink
Penstemon Rock Candy Purple PPAF
Penstemon Rock Candy Ruby
Peony Assorted
Peony Bowl Of Love
Peony Duchess De Nemours/White
Peony Early Scout / Red
Peony Karl Rosenfield / Red
Peony Largo / Pk/Yel
Peony Primevere / Yellow
Peony Raspberry Sundae/Pk/Wht
Peony Sarah Bernhardt / Pink
Peony Shirley Temple Pnk-White
Peony Tom Eckhardt / Pk/Yel
Perovskia Atrip. Ltl Spire PP 11643
Perovskia Atrip. Purple
Perovskia Blue Steel
Perovskia Crazy Blue PP 25639
Perovskia Prime Time
Phlox CS Bubblegum Pink PP 21171
Phlox CS Coral Creme Drop PP 20907
Phlox CS Cotton Candy PP 21369
Phlox CS Grape Lollipop PP 21109
Phlox Cover Girl
Phlox Creeping Blue Emerald
Phlox Creeping Fort Hill Pink
Phlox Creeping Scarlet Flame
Phlox Creeping White Delight
Phlox Glamour Girl PP 25778
Phlox Jeana
Phlox Ka-Pow Lavender PP 30780
Phlox Ka-Pow Purple PP 30781
Phlox Opening Act Blush PP 27462
Phlox Paniculata Davidii
Phlox Party Girl
Phlox Super Ka-Pow Coral PP 33863
Phlox Super Ka-Pow Fuchsia PP 33005
Phlox Super Ka-Pow Lavender PP 33022
Phlox Super Ka-Pow Pink PP 33188
Plant Outlet Misc. Perennials
Platycodon Sentimental Blue
Polemonium Bressingham Prp PP 15367
Polemonium Golden Feathers PP 35067
Polemonium Strway To Heavn PP 15187
Polygonatum Variegatum Wht
Pulmonaria Pink-a-Blue
Pulmonaria Silver Bouquet PP 20059
Pulmonaria Spot On PP 33063
Rosemary Arp Upright
Rosemary Prostrata
Rosemary Tuscan Blue
Rudbeckia Early Gold
Rudbeckia Goldsturm Yellow
Rudbeckia Indian Summer Yl
Rudbeckia Little Goldstar PP 22397
Rudbeckia Viette's Little Suzy PP 8867
Ruellia Purple Showers
Salvia Blue By You PP 31033
Salvia Blue Hills
Salvia Blue Marvel PP 27018
Salvia Bumbleberry
Salvia Bumbleblue
Salvia Caradonna Blue-Vio
Salvia Icterina
Salvia Lyrical Blues PP 22919
Salvia Marcus Purple-Blue PP 13322
Salvia May Night Dk. Vio
Salvia Mirage Burgundy PP 28537
Salvia Mirage Cherry Red PP 28527
Salvia Mirage Hot Pink
Salvia Mirage Pink
Salvia Mirage Purple Deep TM PP 28538
Salvia Mirage Rose Bi-Color PP 33084
Salvia Mirage White
Salvia Rose Marvel PPAF
Salvia Snow Hill
Scabiosa Butterfly Blue
Sedum Angelina
Sedum Autumn Fire
Sedum Autumn Fire Lt. Red
Sedum Coraljade
Sedum Dragon's Blood
Sedum John Creech
Sedum Kamtschaticum
Sedum Kamtschaticum Variegated
Sedum Middendorffianus
Sedum Midnight Velvet
Sedum Neon Lav-Pink
Sedum Powderpuff
Sedum Sieboldii Pink
Sedum Sunsparkler Blue Elf PP 27113
Sedum Sunsparkler Dazzleberry PP 22457
Sedum Sunsparkler Lime Twister PP 26895
Sedum Sunsparkler Wildfire PP 28621
Sisyrinchium Lucerne
Stachys Helen Von Stein
Stachys Little Lamb
Staghorn Fern
Stokesia Honeysong Purple
Thymus Coccineus Red
Thymus Golden Lemon
Thymus Silver Edge
Tradescantia Amethyst Kiss PP 24733
Tradescantia Concord Grape
Tradescantia Sweet Kate Bl
Tricyrtis Sinonome
Trop. Agave Retro Choke
Trop. Alocasia Calidora
Trumpet Vine
Veg. Basil Sweet
Veg. Black Zucchini
Veg. Cucumber Marketmore 76
Veg. Dill Long Island Mammoth
Veg. Eggplant Classic
Veg. Lettuce Green Salad Bowl
Veg. Lettuce Red Salad Bowl
Veg. Pepper Bell
Veg. Pepper Jalapeno
Veg. Pepper Sweet Banana
Veg. Spinach
Veg. Squash Crookneck
Veg. Squash Spaghetti
Veg. Tomato Beef Master
Veg. Tomato Better Boy
Veg. Tomato Cherry Sun Sugar
Veg. Tomato Roma
Verbena Homestead Purple
Verbena Lollipop
Veronica First Love PP 21478
Veronica Giles Van Hees Pink
Veronica Magic Show Ever After
Veronica Mgc Shw Pink Potion
Veronica Moody Blues Dk Blue PP 26602
Veronica Moody Blues Mauve PP 26621
Veronica Moody Blues Pink PP 25748
Veronica Moody Blues Sky Blue PP 27835
Veronica Purpleicious PP 17639
Veronica Royal Candles Bl PP 18932
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