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Category: Broadleafs
Abelia Carolina Sunset Var. PP 13285
Abelia Confetti
Abelia Edward Goucher Pink
Abelia Flat Creek
Abelia Frances Mason
Abelia Frosty Variegated
Abelia Grandiflora White
Abelia Kaleidoscope PP 16988
Abelia Mardi Gras Variegated PP 15203
Abelia Radiance PP 21929
Abelia Radiance Variegated PP 21929
Abelia Silver Anniversary
Abelia Sunshine Daydream PP 20961
Abelia Var. Twist Of Lime
Abelia White Little Richard
Abelia X Canyon Creek / Pnk-Wh
Abelia X Rose Creek / White
Acanthus M. Whitewater PP 23342
Acanthus Mollis
Agave Blue Americana
Agave Calamari
Agave Century Plant
Agave False
Agave Kissho Kan Dwarf Var.
Agave Lophantha Splendida
Agave Neo Mexicana
Akebia Quinata
Alocasia Calidora Elephant Ear
Alocasia Mayan Mask PP 24391
Alocasia Regal Shields PP27050
Arctostaphylos Bearberry
Ardisia Jap. Chirimen
Ardisia Japonica
Aronia Arbutifolia
Aronia Brilliantissima
Aspidistra Cast Iron Plant
Aspidistra Milky Way
Aspidistra Milky Way Var.
Aspidistra Variegated
Assorted 3 Can
Assorted 7 Can
Assorted B&B
Aucuba Crotonifolia Variegated
Aucuba Gold Dust
Aucuba Gold Strike
Aucuba Green
Aucuba Picturata
Aucuba Rozzanni
Aucuba Var. Mr.Gold Strike
Baccharis Salt Bush
Bamboo Black
Bamboo Golden Goddess Clumping
Bamboo Yellow Groove
Banana Hardy Musa Basjoo
Banana Little Prince PP 15255
Banana Maurelli Red
Banana Musa Paradisiaca
Banana Red Ensete
Banana Truly Tiny
Barberry Admiration PP 16921
Barberry Bonanza Gold PP 8215
Barberry Cabernet
Barberry Concorde
Barberry Crimson Pygmy
Barberry Golden
Barberry Golden Nugget PP 9577
Barberry Juliane
Barberry Orange Rocket PP 14811
Barberry Rosey Glow
Barberry Royal Burgundy PP 9461
Barberry Sunjoy Mini Saffron
Barberry Sunjoy Mini Saffronn
Barberry Sunsation
Barberry Tiny Gold PP 17084
Barberry William Penn
Barberry Wintergreen
Bay Laurel Laurus Nobilis
Bennett Compactum Holly
Bignonia Cross Vine
Blue Maid Holly
Blue Prince Holly
Blue Princess Holly
Bougainvillea Assorted Colors
Bougainvillea Column
Bougainvillea Patio Tree
Bougainvillea Trellis Assorted
Boxwood American
Boxwood American 3 Ball Poodle
Boxwood Baby Gem PP 21159
Boxwood Columnar Graham Blandy
Boxwood Dee Runk
Boxwood Elegantissima Var.
Boxwood English
Boxwood English 2-Ball Poodle
Boxwood English 3-Ball Poodle
Boxwood Franklin's Gem
Boxwood Grace H. Phillips
Boxwood Green Gem PP 3736
Boxwood Green Mountain
Boxwood Green Mountain 2 Ball
Boxwood Green Mountain 3 Ball
Boxwood Green Mountain Spiral
Boxwood Green Tower Upright
Boxwood Green Velvet
Boxwood Insularis Nana
Boxwood Japanese
Boxwood Justin Brouwer
Boxwood Little Missy PP 24703
Boxwood Microphylla Faulkner
Boxwood Microphylla Julia Jane
Boxwood Morris Midget
Boxwood NewGen Freedom PP 32421
Boxwood NewGen Independence
Boxwood Rotundifolia
Boxwood True Spreader
Boxwood Variegated
Boxwood Winter Gem
Boxwood Wintergreen
Buddleia Adonis Blue
Buddleia BFLYC Lil' Bubblegum
Buddleia BFLYC Lil' Coconut
Buddleia BFLYC Lil' Grape
Buddleia BFLYC Lil' Lavender
Buddleia BFLYC Lil' Raspberry
Buddleia Black Knight Purple
Buddleia Buzz Ivory White TM
Buddleia Buzz Magenta TM
Buddleia Buzz Purple TM
Buddleia Buzz Sky Blue TM
Buddleia Buzz Velvet TM
Buddleia Davidii Honeycomb
Buddleia Ellen's Blue Dwarf
Buddleia Lo&Behold Blue Chip PP 19991
Buddleia Lo&Behold Blue ChipJR PP 26581
Buddleia Lo&Behold Ice Chip PP 24015
Buddleia Lo&Behold Lilac Chip PP 24016
Buddleia Lo&Behold Pink Micro PP 26547
Buddleia Lo&Behold Purple Haze PP 24514
Buddleia Lochinch LavenderBlue
Buddleia Miss Molly PP 23425
Buddleia Miss Ruby PP 19950
Buddleia Patio Tree Assorted
Buddleia Pugster Amethyst PP 30236
Buddleia Pugster Blue PP 28794
Buddleia Pugster Pink PP 28836
Buddleia Pugster White PP 28795
Buddleia Royal Red Patio Tree
Buddleia White
Burford Holly
Burford Holly Tree Form
Cactus Cholla
Cactus Golden Barrell
Cactus Prickly Pear
Callicarpa Americana
Callicarpa Duet Variegated
Callicarpa Early Amethyst
Callicarpa Issai
Callicarpa Prpl Pearls PP26000
Callicarpa White Beautyberry
Callicarpa Woodlanders
Callistemon Bottle Brush
Callistemon Bottle Brush Patio
Callistemon Little John
Callistemon Woodlander's Red
Calycanthus Aphrodite
Calycanthus Carolina Allspice
Calycanthus Hartlage Wine
Cam Hiemalis Pink Goddess
Cam Hiemalis Wm Lanier Hunt
Cam Jap. / Sas. Espalier Asst
Cam Jap. Ack-Scent
Cam Jap. Ack-Scent Patio Tree
Cam Jap. April Dawn
Cam Jap. April Kiss
Cam Jap. April Pink
Cam Jap. April Remembered
Cam Jap. April Snow White
Cam Jap. April Tryst
Cam Jap. Assorted
Cam Jap. Assorted Color
Cam Jap. Ballet In Pink
Cam Jap. Berenice Boddy Pink
Cam Jap. Bernice Beauty Pink
Cam Jap. Black Tie
Cam Jap. Black Tie Dark Red
Cam Jap. Blood Of China
Cam Jap. C.M. Hovey
Cam Jap. Captain Folk Pink
Cam Jap. Charlie Bettes White
Cam Jap. Christmas Beauty
Cam Jap. Christmas Beauty Red
Cam Jap. Cile Mitchell Pink
Cam Jap. Crimson Candles
Cam Jap. Dad's Pink
Cam Jap. Debutante
Cam Jap. Destiny Pink Stripes
Cam Jap. Dick Harrison
Cam Jap. Dr. Cy Nichols Pk/Wt
Cam Jap. Dr. JC Raulston
Cam Jap. Dr. Tinsley
Cam Jap. Dusty - Rose Pink
Cam Jap. Edithae Red
Cam Jap. Eliane Betty Pink
Cam Jap. Fashionata Pink
Cam Jap. Fire Falls Red
Cam Jap. Flame Red
Cam Jap. Frank Brownlee Red
Cam Jap. Frank Brownlee Var.
Cam Jap. Glen 40
Cam Jap. Goggy
Cam Jap. Governor Mouton
Cam Jap. Grace Albr. Tree Form
Cam Jap. Grace Albritton Pink
Cam Jap. Grape Soda
Cam Jap. Greensboro Red
Cam Jap. Greensboro Red Patio
Cam Jap. Guest Star
Cam Jap. Harriett Bisbee
Cam Jap. Helen Beach Pk/wt
Cam Jap. Herme
Cam Jap. In The Pink
Cam Jap. J. C. Raulston Red
Cam Jap. Jacks
Cam Jap. Jack's Pink
Cam Jap. Jerry Hill Rose/Pink
Cam Jap. Jordan's Pride
Cam Jap. Junie Lancaster Pink
Cam Jap. Junior Prom White
Cam Jap. Jury's Yellow
Cam Jap. King's Ransom
Cam Jap. Korean Fire
Cam Jap. Kramer's Beauty
Cam Jap. Kramer's Beauty Red
Cam Jap. Kramer's Espalier
Cam Jap. Kramer's Patio Tree
Cam Jap. Kramer's Supreme
Cam Jap. Kumasaka
Cam Jap. La Peppermint
Cam Jap. Lady Clare Red
Cam Jap. Lady Laura
Cam Jap. Lady Laura Red
Cam Jap. Lady Vansittart
Cam Jap. Lemon Glow
Cam Jap. Leucantha White
Cam Jap. Look Again Pink
Cam Jap. Man Size White
Cam Jap. Margaret Davis Wt/Pnk
Cam Jap. Marie Bracey Pink
Cam Jap. Mathotiana Var.
Cam Jap. Mathotiana Variegated
Cam Jap. Miss Sally Bright Pnk
Cam Jap. Mister Sam Soft Pink
Cam Jap. Mixed White/Red
Cam Jap. Moonlight Bay
Cam Jap. Morning Glow
Cam Jap. Mrs. Bertha Harms Wt
Cam Jap. Mrs. L. Clarke TrForm
Cam Jap. Mrs. Lyman Clarke
Cam Jap. Mrs. Lyman Clarke Trl
Cam Jap. Multi Colors R/W/P
Cam Jap. Nina Avery Blush Pink
Cam Jap. Nuccio's Bella Rosa
Cam Jap. Nuccio's Cameo
Cam Jap. Nuccio's Gem
Cam Jap. Nuccio's Jewel
Cam Jap. Omega White W/Blush
Cam Jap. One Alone Blush Pink
Cam Jap. Paul Haskee - Red
Cam Jap. Paul Haskee Red
Cam Jap. Pearl Maxwell Pink
Cam Jap. Pink Assorted
Cam Jap. Pink Perfection
Cam Jap. Plain Jane White
Cam Jap. Professor Sargent
Cam Jap. Purity White
Cam Jap. Ragland Supreme
Cam Jap. Red Fellow
Cam Jap. Red Lion
Cam Jap. Red Ragland Supreme
Cam Jap. Romany
Cam Jap. Rosehill Red
Cam Jap. Rosehill Red TreeForm
Cam Jap. Rosehill Red Treeform
Cam Jap. Royal Velvet Dark Red
Cam Jap. Sea Foam
Cam Jap. Sea Foam Tree Form
Cam Jap. Silver Waves
Cam Jap. Silver Waves TreeForm
Cam Jap. Snow Chan
Cam Jap. Spellbound
Cam Jap. Spring Awakening Pink
Cam Jap. Spring's Promise
Cam Jap. Swan Lake Pure White
Cam Jap. Tama Electra -Red
Cam Jap. Tom Knudsen
Cam Jap. Tom Knudson Dark Red
Cam Jap. Tom Perkins
Cam Jap. Tom Thumb Pink/white
Cam Jap. Tri Color Pink
Cam Jap. Tudor Baby Pink
Cam Jap. Turandot
Cam Jap. Victory White
Cam Jap. White By The Gate
Cam Jap. White Empress
Cam Jap. Yours Truly WhitePink
Cam Jap./Sas. Espalier Asst.
Cam Sas. Agnes O. Soloman
Cam Sas. Alabama Beauty
Cam Sas. Apple Blossom
Cam Sas. Asakura White
Cam Sas. Assorted
Cam Sas. Autumn Moon Trellis
Cam Sas. Autumn Pink Icicle
Cam Sas. Autumn Rocket
Cam Sas. Autumn Rocket White
Cam Sas. Autumn Rose Pink
Cam Sas. Autumn Sunrise Pk/Wt
Cam Sas. Bella Rosa Red
Cam Sas. Bonanza
Cam Sas. Brandy's Temper Pink
Cam Sas. Chansonette
Cam Sas. Cleopatra Pink
Cam Sas. Cotton Candy Dbl Pink
Cam Sas. Daydream Pink/White
Cam Sas. Espalier Hana Jiman
Cam Sas. Hana Jiman
Cam Sas. Hiryu
Cam Sas. Hiryu Pink
Cam Sas. Hot Flash PP 14213
Cam Sas. Jean May Espalier
Cam Sas. Kan Tsubaki
Cam Sas. Kanjiro
Cam Sas. Kanjiro Esp.
Cam Sas. La Rouge
Cam Sas. Leslie Ann
Cam Sas. Long Island Pink
Cam Sas. Maiden's Blush
Cam Sas. Mikuniko Pink
Cam Sas. Mine-No-Yuki
Cam Sas. Mine-No-Yuki White
Cam Sas. Northern Lights
Cam Sas. October Magic Crimson
Cam Sas. October Magic Dawn
Cam Sas. October Magic Ivory
Cam Sas. October Magic Orchid
Cam Sas. October Magic Rose
Cam Sas. Our Linda
Cam Sas. Pink Butterfly
Cam Sas. Pink Goddess
Cam Sas. Pink Icicle
Cam Sas. Pink Snow
Cam Sas. Red Bird Red
Cam Sas. Rose Of Autumn Pink
Cam Sas. Rosey Red
Cam Sas. Royal Flush Shishi
Cam Sas. Ruby Red
Cam Sas. Sashy Yoi Machi
Cam Sas. Sashy Yoi Machi Bi/Co
Cam Sas. Setsugeka
Cam Sas. Setsugekka
Cam Sas. Setsugekka Patio Tree
Cam Sas. Shi Shi Gashira
Cam Sas. Shishi Gashira
Cam Sas. Shishigashira
Cam Sas. Showa-No-Sakae
Cam Sas. Slim 'n Trim
Cam Sas. Sparkling Burgundy
Cam Sas. Stephanie Golden
Cam Sas. White Christmas
Cam Sas. William L. Hunt
Cam Sas. Wm. Lanier Hunt Pink
Cam Sas. Yo Machi White Pink
Cam Sas. Yuletide
Cam Sas. Yuletide Red
Cam Sas. Yuletide Red Esp.
Cam Sinensis Red Leaf Tea
Cam Trans. Snow Bells
Cam X April Blush
Cam X April Pink
Cam X April Remembered
Cam X April Remembered Esp.
Cam X April Rose
Cam X April Tryst
Cam X Arctic Rose
Cam X Ashton's Pink
Cam X Ashton's Pride
Cam X Autumn Spirit
Cam X Buttermint Yellow
Cam X Charlene Pink/White
Cam X Elina Cascade Weeper
Cam X Gay Baby
Cam X High Fragrance
Cam X Isaribi
Cam X Londontowne Blush
Cam X Long Island Pink
Cam X Northern Exposure
Cam X October Magic Dawn
Cam X Our Melissa Pale Pink
Cam X Pink Icicle
Cam X Snow Flurry
Cam X Spring Festival
Cam X Spring's Promise
Cam X Survivor White
Cam X Taylor's Perfection
Cam X Twilight Glow
Cam X Winter's Charm
Cam X Winter's Fancy
Cam X Winter's Interlude
Cam X Winter's Joy Pink
Cam X Winter's Rose
Cam X Winter's Snowman
Cam X Winter's Star
Cam X Winter's Star White
Carissa Holly
Castle Spire Holly
Centennial Girl Holly PP 10750
Cephalanthus Buttonbush
Cephalanthus Fiber Optics PPAF
Charlie Test Broadleaf
Cherokee Holly
Chesapeake Upright Holly
China Boy Holly
China Girl Holly
Cistena Plum
Clethra Alnifolia
Clethra Einstein''' PP 27590
Clethra Humming Bird
Clethra Ruby Spice
Clethra Sixteen Candles
Clethra Sixteen Candles/White
Cleyera Bronze Beauty PP 11735
Cleyera Jap. LeAnn PP 11737
Cleyera Japonica
Cleyera Japonica Jade Tiara
Cleyera Variegated
Colocasia Black Beauty PPAF
Colocasia Black Coral PPAF
Colocasia Dragon Heart PPAF
Colocasia Maximus Gigante PPAF
Colocasia Painted Black Gecko PPAF
Colocasia Royal Hawaiian
Colocasia Tea Cup
Colocasia X Coffee Cups
Cordyline Electric Flash
Cordyline Electric Pink PP 19213
Cordyline Red Star
Cot. Apiculata Tom Thumb
Cot. Coral Beauty
Cot. Cranberry Patio Tree
Cot. Sal. Scarlet Leader
Cotinus Golden Spirit
Cotinus Grace
Cotinus Magical Green Fountain
Cotinus Royal Purple Smokebush
Cotinus Young Lady Green
Cotoneaster Cranberry Standard
Dahoon Holly
Danae Racemosa Poets Laurel
Daphne Carol Mackie
Daphne Eternal Fragrance PP 18361
Daphne Odora
Daphne Odora Aureo Marginata
Daphne Odora Patio Tree
Daphneodora Ripple Variegated
Deutzia Chardonnay Pearls PP 16098
Deutzia Creme Fraiche PP 25703
Deutzia Gracillus Nikko Dwarf
Deutzia Nikko Blush
Deutzia Rosalind
Deutzia Scabra Common Deutzia
Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossom
Deutzia Yuki Snowflake
Diervilla Cool Splash PP 19391
Distylium Blue Cascade PP 24409
Distylium Coppertone PP 25304
Distylium Emerald Heights PP 24410
Distylium Jewel Box PP 32816
Distylium Linebacker TM
Distylium Myricoides
Distylium Myricoides (Species)
Distylium Vintage Jade PP 23128
Dogwood Arctic Fire PP 18523
Dogwood Baileyi
Dogwood Midwinter Fire
Dogwood Pucker Up PPAF
Dogwood Redtwig
Dogwood Redtwig Little Rebel
Dogwood Variegated
Dogwood Yellow Twig
Dr. Kassob Holly
Dragon Lady Holly
Dwarf Burford Holly
Dwarf Burford Holly Tree Form
Eagleston Holly
Eagleston Holly Standard
East Palatka Holly
East Palatka Holly Tree Form
Edgeworthia Chrysantha
Edgeworthia Chrysantha Patio
Edgeworthia Gold Rush
Edgeworthia Snow Cream
Edgeworthia Winter Gold
Elaeagnus Ebbingei
Elaeagnus Fruitlandi
Elaeagnus Glen St. Mary
Elaeagnus Olive Martini PP 20177
Elaeagnus Olive Martini PP2017
Elaeagnus Silverthorn
Elaeagnus Variegated
Em. Colonnade 2-Ball PP 23905
Em. Colonnade 3-Ball PP 23905
Em. Colonnade Spiral
Emily Brunner Holly
English Holly Variegated
English Holly Variegated Patio
Enkianthus Redvein
Escallonia Pink Princess
Eucalyptus Gunni
Eucalyptus Neglecta Omeo Gum
Euo. Alatus Compacta
Euo. Alatus Fireball
Euo. Boxleaf Microphylla
Euo. Boxleaf Microphylla Var.
Euo. Butterscotch
Euo. Emerald & Gold PP 2231
Euo. Emerald Gaiety PP 1960
Euo. Fire Ball
Euo. Gold Spot
Euo. Golden
Euo. J. Silver Princess TM
Euo. Japonica Chollipo
Euo. Japonica Green Spire
Euo. Manhattan
Euo. Moonshadow PP 6127
Euo. Radicans Variegated
Euo. Silver King
Euryops Viridis Patio Tree
Fatshedera Bush Ivy
Fatshedera 'Curly' Variegated
Fatshedera Lizei Angyo-Star TM
Fatshedera Ribbon Candy
Fatshedra Variegated
Fatsia Japonica
Fatsia Spider Web Variegated
Fatsia Variegated
Fern Biserrata
Fern Kimberly Queen
Fig Brown Turkey
Fig Celeste
Fig Desert King
Fig Miss Figgy
Forsythia Lynwood Gold
Forsythia Spring Glory
Foster Holly 'Sunny Foster'
Fosterii Holly
Fothergilla Gardenii Mt. Airy
Fothergilla Major Blue Shadow
Fruit Blueberry Rosa's Blush
Fruit Fig Tree Bush Form
Fruit Goji Berry Firecracker
Gardenia Aug.Beauty Patio Tree
Gardenia August Beauty
Gardenia Chuck Hayes PP 8755
Gardenia Crown Jewel PP 19896
Gardenia Frost Proof
Gardenia Jubilation PP 21983
Gardenia Kleims Hardy
Gardenia Mystery Patio Tree
Gardenia Radicans
Gardenia Radicans Variegated
Gardenia ScentAmazing PP 27601
Gaultheria Winter Splash
Glabra Gem Box
Glabra Nigra Holly
Glabra Shamrock
Glabra Shamrock Compacta Holly
Green Leaf Holly
Green Luster Holly
Hamamelis / Witch Hazel
Hamamelis Arnold's Promise
Hamamelis Jelena
Haw. Alba White
Haw. Calisto PP 18403
Haw. Dwarf White
Haw. Eleanor Tabor
Haw. Eleanor Tabor PK
Haw. Eleanor Tabor Pk
Haw. Georgia Petite PP 9983
Haw. Indian Princess PP 5862
Haw. Maj. Beauty PP 3349
Haw. Maj. Beauty Pink Patio PP 3349
Haw. Olivia White
Haw. Redbird
Haw. Redbird Indian Haw.
Haw. Snow Cap
Haw. Snow White
Haw. Springtime Pink
Haw. Umbellata Minor
Haw. Umbellata Southern Moon
Heather Mediterranean Pink
Heather Mediterranean White
Helleri Holly
Hibiscus Diana White
Hibiscus Painted Lady Pink
Hibiscus President Red
Hibiscus Rose Of Sharon
Hibiscus Standard Asst.Colors
Hibiscus Standard Mixed Colors
Hibiscus Standard Prpl/Pillar
Hoogendorn Holly
Hyd. / Assorted
Hyd. Arb / Annabelle White PP 20571
Hyd. Arb / FlowerFull
Hyd. Arb / Incrediball PP 20571
Hyd. Lacecap / Annie's Blue PPAF
Hyd. Lacecap / Blue Wave
Hyd. Lacecap / Mariesii Var
Hyd. Lacecap / Mariesii Var.
Hyd. Lacecap / Mariesii Var.PC
Hyd. Lacecap / Pop Star
Hyd. Lacecap / Twist N Shout PPAF
Hyd. Lacecap /Cherry Explosion PPAF
Hyd. Mac / Big Daddy PP 14527
Hyd. Mac / Bloomstruck PPAF
Hyd. Mac / Blushing Bride PP 17169
Hyd. Mac / Cityline Berlin PP 10912
Hyd. Mac / Cityline Mars PPAF
Hyd. Mac / Cityline Paris PP 10906
Hyd. Mac / Cityline Rio
Hyd. Mac / Cityline Venice PP 10928
Hyd. Mac / Eclipse
Hyd. Mac / Endless Summer PP 15298
Hyd. Mac / Merritt Supreme /Pk
Hyd. Mac / Nikko Blue
Hyd. Mac / Penny Mac / Blue
Hyd. Mac / Pia Dwarf
Hyd. Mac / Pistachio PP 25577
Hyd. Mac / Summer Crush PP 30359
Hyd. Mac/Everlasting Garnet PPAF
Hyd. Mac/Everlasting Harmony PPAF
Hyd. Mac/Everlasting Jade PPAF
Hyd. Mac/Everlasting Ocean PPAF
Hyd. Mac/EverlastingRevolution PP 22260
Hyd. Pan / Berry White PP 28509
Hyd. Pan / Bobo PP 22782
Hyd. Pan / Fire Light PP25,135 PP 25135
Hyd. Pan / Fire and Ice PP 26005
Hyd. Pan / Flare PP 26928
Hyd. Pan / Great Star PP 20272
Hyd. Pan / Limelight PP 12874
Hyd. Pan / Limelight Tree Form
Hyd. Pan / Little Hottie PP 32549
Hyd. Pan / Little Lamb PP 15395
Hyd. Pan / Little Lime
Hyd. Pan / Phantom Tree Form
Hyd. Pan / Pinkerella PPAF
Hyd. Pan / Pinky Winky PP 16166
Hyd. Pan / Quick Fire P. Tree PP 16612
Hyd. Pan / Strawberry Sundae PP 25438
Hyd. Pan / Strawberry SundaePC
Hyd. Pan / Sweet Summer PP 21778
Hyd. Pan / Tardiva Patio Tree
Hyd. Pan / Vanilla Strawberry PP 20670
Hyd. Pan / White Moth
Hyd. Petiolaris
Hyd. Querc / Alice
Hyd. Querc / Ellen Huff
Hyd. Querc / Gatsby Pink PP 27879
Hyd. Querc / Jetstream PP 25319
Hyd. Querc / Munchkin Dwarf
Hyd. Querc / Oakleaf
Hyd. Querc / Pee Wee
Hyd. Querc / Pee Wee / White
Hyd. Querc / Queen Of Hearts
Hyd. Querc / Ruby Slippers
Hyd. Querc. / Sike's Dwarf
Hyd. Querc / Snow Queen
Hyd. Querc / Toy Soldier
Hyd. Schiz. Lacy Hearts TM
Hyd. Schizaphragma Moonlight
Hyd. Serrata / Preziosa Red
Hypericum Albury Purple
Hypericum Brigadoon Yellow
Hypericum Hidcote
Hypericum Sunburst
Ilex Emerald Colonade PP 23905
Ilex Emerald Colonade Patio Tr
Ilex Integra
Ilex Nasa Holly
Ilex Opaca American Holly
Ilex Opaca Cape Fear Am. Holly
Ilex Opaca Jersey Princess
Ilex Opaca Satyr Hill
Ilex Snowflake Variegated
Ilex Touch Of Gold
Ilex X Acadiana
Ilex X Adonis Upright Holly
Ilex X Aspire
Ilex X Cardinal PP+++9485 PP 9485
Ilex X Christmas Jewel PP 14477
Ilex X Festive PP 9498
Ilex X Honey Maid PP12060 PP 12060
Ilex X Integra
Ilex X Latifolia
Ilex X Liberty PP 12009
Ilex X Miss Patricia TM
Ilex X Northern Beauty Holly
Ilex X Oak Leaf
Ilex X Oakland PP 14417
Ilex X Oakland Golden
Ilex X Patriot PP 12010
Ilex X Red Beauty PP 14750
Ilex X Robin PP 9486
Iliicium Florida Sunshine
Illicium BananAppeal
Illicium Fl. Florida Sunshine
Illicium Fl. Halley's Comet
Illicium Pa. Yellow Anise
Illicium Parviflorum
Illicium Scorpio
Illicium Woodland Ruby
Illicium X Ruby Stars
Itea Henry's Garnet
Itea Little Henry / White PP 10988
Jasmine Asiatic
Jasmine Asiatic Tri-Color
Jasmine Car. Pride Of Augusta
Jasmine Carolina
Jasmine Carolina Staked
Jasmine Carolina Tripod
Jasmine Confederate
Jasmine Confederate Tripod
Jasmine Confederate Variegated
Jasmine Florida
Jasmine Fragrantissima
Jasmine Margarita
Jasmine Rankinii & Carolina
Jasmine Swamp (Rankinii)
Jasmine Winter
Kalmia Assorted
Kalmia Carousel Red/White
Kalmia Elf White
Kalmia Firecracker Red
Kalmia Keepsake Pink/White
Kalmia Little Linda
Kalmia Little Linden
Kalmia Minuet Red/White
Kalmia Nipmuck Pink
Kalmia Olympic Fire Pink
Kalmia Pink Charm
Kalmia Pristine White
Kalmia Raspberry Glow
Kalmia Sarah
Kalmia Starburst Pink
Kolkwitzia Beautybush
Lantana Patio Tree
Laurel Cherry
Laurel Cherry Bright 'n Tight
Laurel Cherry Compacta
Laurel Chestnut Hill
Laurel Dwarf English
Laurel English
Laurel Otto Luykens
Laurel Schipkaensis
Laurel Texas (Sophora Secund.)
Laurel Zabel
Laurus Nobilis Emerald Wave
Laurus Nobilis Patio Tree
Leucothoe Axillaris
Leucothoe Axillaris Curly Red
Leucothoe Compacta
Leucothoe Rainbow
Leucothoe Scarletta
Lig. 2 Ball Poodle
Lig. 3 Ball Poodle
Lig. Davidson's Hardy
Lig. East Bay
Lig. Jack Frost
Lig. Ko Ryu Jap. Privet
Lig. Lake Tresca
Lig. Lucidum
Lig. Patio Tree
Lig. Recurvifolium
Lig. Rotundifolium
Lig. Sinense Sunshine PP 20379
Lig. Sinensis Swift Creek
Lig. Sunshine PP 20379
Lig. Suwanee River
Lig. Texas Star Tree Form
Lilac Baby Kim PP 32969
Lilac Miss Kim
Lilac Miss Kim Standard
Lilac Palibin 3' Standard
Lindera Benzoin Spice Bush
Lonicera Edmee Gold PP 15234
Lonicera Major Wheeler
Loropetalum Bill Wallace PP 15277
Loropetalum Burgandy PatioTree
Loropetalum Burgundy 2-Ball
Loropetalum Carolina Midnight
Loropetalum Carolina Moonlight
Loropetalum Cerise Charm PP 23176
Loropetalum Crimson Fire PP 25534
Loropetalum Dark Fire
Loropetalum Daruma
Loropetalum Emerald Snow
Loropetalum Ever Red Pyramid
Loropetalum Ever Red Sunset
Loropetalum Garnet Fire
Loropetalum Jazz Hands White
Loropetalum Merlot Lace
Loropetalum Pizazz Pink
Loropetalum Purple Daydream PP 25471
Loropetalum Purple Diamond PP 18331
Loropetalum Purple Pixie PP 18441
Loropetalum Razzleberry Patio
Loropetalum Red Choc. M. Stem
Loropetalum Red Chocolate
Loropetalum Red Diamond
Loropetalum Ruby
Loropetalum Ruby Snow PPAF
Loropetalum Sizzling Pink
Loropetalum Sizzling Pink P/T
Loropetalum Snow Panda P/Tree
Loropetalum Snow Panda White
Loropetalum Sparkling Sangria PP 25470
Loropetalum Suzanne
Loropetalum Zhuzhou
Loropetalum Zhuzhou Espalier
Loropetalum Zhuzhou Multi-Stem
Loropetalum Zhuzhou Patio Tree
Loropetalum Zhuzhou Standard
Low Rider Holly PP 29799
Mahonia Aquifolia
Mahonia Aquifolia Compacta
Mahonia Bealei
Mahonia Fortunei
Mahonia Marvel PP 27425
Mahonia Narihira
Mahonia Soft Caress PP 20183
Mahonia Underway
Mahonia Winter Sun
Mand. Brides Cascade PP20,065
Mandevilla Alice Du Pont Pink
Mandevilla Red
Mandevilla Summer Romance Yel.
Mandevilla Sun Giant Crimson
Mandevilla Sun Giant Dark Pink
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Red Emp
Mandevilla White
Mary Nell Holly
Mum - Adiva Purple
Mum - Alpine Pure White
Mum - Aluga Yellow
Mum - Ashley Dark Orange
Mum - Assorted Colors
Mum - Beth Fuchsia Purple PPAF
Mum - Beverly Bronze
Mum - Blazing Orange
Mum - Butter N Cream White
Mum - Camina Red
Mum - Cheryl Golden
Mum - Conaco Orange
Mum - Coparo Dark Purple PPAF
Mum - Danielle Red
Mum - Dark Vera Yellow
Mum - Flamingo Cranberry Red
Mum - Gigi Orange
Mum - Gold Riot Yellow
Mum - Golden Cheryl Yellow
Mum - Gypsy Rose Purple
Mum - Hot Spot Bronze / Yellow
Mum - Izola Orange PPAF
Mum - Jubilant Red
Mum - Key Lime Green
Mum - Majestic Red
Mum - Majesty Red
Mum - Mary Yellow
Mum - Mefisto Purple
Mum - Mika Orange
Mum - Mildred White
Mum - Milkshake Papaya Orange
Mum - Milkshake Strawberry Red
Mum - Okra Yellow
Mum - Padre White PPAF
Mum - Pearly White
Mum - Petit Orange
Mum - Pink Frenzy Pink PPAF
Mum - Pomona Bright Violet PPAF
Mum - Pop Eye Orange
Mum - Pop Eye Pink Magenta
Mum - Pumpkin Pie Orange TM
Mum - Radiant Red
Mum - Raquel Red
Mum - Red Hots
Mum - Red Hots - Bright Red
Mum - Skye Pink 2 Tone Pink
Mum - Spicy Cheryl Orange
Mum - Starburst White
Mum - Staviski Pink
Mum - Steller Purple
Mum - Steller Yellow
Mum - Sunset Orange
Mum - Tabitha Red PPAF
Mum - Venos Yellow
Mum - Venus Dark Purple
Mum - Veritas Yellow
Mum - Wilma White TM
Mum - Wilma Yellow
Mum - Yellow Stone
Mum - Yellow Tang
Mum - Yellowstone Yellow
Nandina Alpha Compacta
Nandina Blush Pink PP 19916
Nandina Compacta
Nandina D. Burgandy Wine
Nandina D. Plum Passion PP 12069
Nandina D. Sienna Sunrise PP 14693
Nandina Domestica
Nandina Firepower
Nandina Flirt PP 21391
Nandina Gulf Stream
Nandina Harbor Belle PP 14668
Nandina Harbor Dwarf
Nandina Lemon Lime PP 24749
Nandina Moon Bay
Nandina Obsession PP 21891
Nandina Royal Princess
Nandina Tuscan Flame
Nandina Twilight PP 26025
Nandina Umpqua Chief
Needlepoint Holly
Nellie R. Stevens Holly
Nigra Upright Holly
Ninebark Amber Jubilee PP 23177
Ninebark Fireside PP 30792
Ninebark Little Devil PP 22634
Ninebark Lucky Devil
Ninebark Tiny Wine PP 26749
Northern Beauty Holly
Oleander Assorted
Oleander Calypso
Oleander Calypso Dwarf
Oleander Calypso Dwarf Pink
Oleander Cardinal Red
Oleander Pink
Oleander Red
Oleander White
Oleander White Dwarf
Oleander Yellow
Osmanthus Fortunei
Osmanthus Fragrans
Osmanthus Goshiki
Osmanthus Gulftide
Osmanthus Heter. False Holly
Osmanthus Variegated
Palm Adonidia
Palm Bismarck
Palm California Fan
Palm Cataractarum Cascade
Palm Chinese Fan
Palm Coconut
Palm European Fan
Palm Foxtail
Palm Mediterranean Fan
Palm Mule
Palm Needle
Palm Pindo
Palm Pygmy Date
Palm Royal
Palm Sabal Minor
Palm Sabal Minor Brazoria
Palm Sabal Palmetto
Palm Sago
Palm Sylvester
Palm Washingtonia Robusta
Palm Windmill
Palm Windmill Double
Palm Windmill Triple Head
Passion Flower
Philadelphus Mockorange
Phormium Amazing Red
Phormium Pink Panther
Photinia Fraseri
Photinia Pink Marble PP 15160
Pieris Cavatine
Pieris Flaming Silver
Pieris J. Amami Island
Pieris J. Compacta
Pieris J. Dorothy Wycoff
Pieris J. Mt. Fire
Pieris J. Prelude
Pieris J. Scarlet O'Hara
Pieris J. Temple Bells
Pieris J. Valley Fire
Pieris J. Valley Rose
Pieris Japonica
Pieris Japonica Katsura
Pieris Katsura
Pieris Little Heath Variegated
Pieris Mountain Snow
Pieris X Forest Flame
Pitt. Cream De Mint PP 16188
Pitt. Mojo Dwarf Variegated PP 16188
Pittosporum Glen St Mary
Pittosporum Golf Ball PP 15329
Pittosporum Louisiana Green
Pittosporum Tobira Green
Pittosporum Variegated
Pittosporum Wheeler's Dwarf
Pittosporum Winter Frost
Plum Beach Prunus Maritima
Podocarpus Pringles Dwarf
Poncirus Flying Dragon
Pussy Willow
Pyracantha Cherri Berri
Pyracantha Espalier Assorted
Pyracantha Mojave
Pyracantha Mojave Espalier
Pyracantha Rutgers Orange
Pyracantha Unc Dwarf
Pyracantha Victory Rd Espalier
Pyracantha Victory Red
Quince Cameo Pink
Quince Crimson And Gold
Quince Dbl Take Scarlet Storm
Quince Jet Trail
Quince Kingishi
Quince Texas Scarlet
Rhamnus Fine Line PP 14791
Rhododendron Ramapo
Rhododendron Roseum Pink
Rosa - Assorted Roses
Rosa Cl. Cupid's Kisses
Rosa Cl. Don Juan
Rosa Coral Knock Out PP 19803
Rosa Double Knock Out PP 16202
Rosa Double Knock Out TreeForm PP 16202
Rosa Drift Apricot PP 23354
Rosa Drift Buttercream
Rosa Drift Coral PP 19148
Rosa Drift Peach PP 18542
Rosa Drift Pink PP 18874
Rosa Drift Popcorn PP 24773
Rosa Drift Red PP 17877
Rosa Drift Sweet Pink PP 21612
Rosa Drift White PP 28054
Rosa EasyBee-zy Knock Out
Rosa Flower Carpet Patio Tree
Rosa Flower Carpet Pink Splash PPAF
Rosa Flwr Carpet Scarlet Patio
Rosa Flwr Carpet White Patio
Rosa Flwr Carpet Yellow Patio
Rosa Grace N' Grit Pink Patio
Rosa Knock Out PP 11836
Rosa Lady Banks
Rosa Lady Banks Yellow
Rosa Ntty Grtty Peach Patio
Rosa Orange Glow Knock Out
Rosa Peachy Knock Out PP 25628
Rosa Peachy KnockOut PP 25628
Rosa Petite Knock Out PP 30811
Rosa Pink Double Knock Out PP 18507
Rosa Pink Knock Out PP 15070
Rosa Rugosa Blanc De Coubert
Rosa Rugosa Hansa Violet
Rosa Rugosa Linda Campbell
Rosa Rugosa Purple Pavement
Rosa Sunny Knock Out PP 18562
Rosa White Knock Out PP 20273
Rosa X New Dawn Climbing Rose
Sambucus Lemony Lace PP 26613
Santolina Lavender Cotton
Sarcoccoca Rusifolia Sweet Box
Sarcococca Confusa
Sarcococca Fragrant Mountain
Sarcococca Fragrant Valley
Sarcococca Humilis
Sarcococca Orientalis
Savannah Holly
Savannah Holly Standard
Scotchbroom Burkwoodii Red
Scotchbroom Hollandia Pink
Scotchbroom Lena Red
Scotchbroom Moonlight Yellow
Skimmia Japonica Female
Skimmia Reevesiana Male/Female
Skypencil Holly
Soft Touch Holly
Spartina Sand Cord Grass
Spiraea Anthony Waterer
Spiraea Bridal Wreath
Spiraea Double Play Artisan PP 21712
Spiraea Double Play Doozie
Spiraea Double Play Gold PP 21615
Spiraea Gold Flame
Spiraea Goldmound
Spiraea Lemon Princess
Spiraea Little Princess
Spiraea Little Yeti PPTBS
Spiraea Magic Carpet Pink PP 9363
Spiraea Mellow Yellow
Spiraea Neon Flash Dk/Pink
Spiraea Poprock Petite
Spiraea Poprocks Petite PP 28508
Spiraea Rainbow Fizz PP 28876
Spiraea Snowmound
Spiraea X Vanhouttei
Steed's Upright Holly
Straight & Narrow Holly PP 29578
Sumac Glabra
Sumac Gro Low
Sumac Lacette PP 28669
Sumac Tiger Eyes PP 16185
Tamarix Pink Cascade
Touch Of Gold Holly
Verticillata Jim Dandy / Male
Verticillata/Red Sprite
Verticillata/Winter Red Holly
Vib Alleghany
Vib Arrowwood
Vib Blackhaw
Vib Burkwoodii
Vib Cardinal Candy PP 12870
Vib Carlesi
Vib Cayuga
Vib Chicago Lustre
Vib Cranberry
Vib Davidii
Vib Densa
Vib Dentatum Autumn Jazz
Vib Dentatum Blue Muffin
Vib Japonica Chindo
Vib Lantana Mohican
Vib Leatherleaf
Vib M. Chinese Snowball
Vib Moonlit Lace PPAF
Vib Nudum Winterthur
Vib Opulus Sterile
Vib Opulus Sterile Snowball
Vib Plicatum Opening Day PP 28958
Vib Plicatum Popcorn
Vib Plicatum Tom. Mariesii
Vib Plicatum Tom. Shasta
Vib. Plicatum Tom. Shasta
Vib Pragense
Vib Raulston Hardy Dwarf
Vib Snowball
Vib Snowball Patio Tree
Vib Tinus Compacta
Vib Tinus Compactum
Vib Tinus Patio Tree
Vib Tinus Shades Of Pink PPAF
Vib Tinus Spring Bouquet
Vib X Juddii
Vib X Nantucket
Vib X Red Balloon PP 24227
Vitex Blue Puffball PP 26775
Vitex Chaste Tree Purple
Vitex Chaste Tree Standard
Vitex Delta Blues PP 25914
Vitex Lecompte
Vitex Shoal Creek
Wax Myrtle
Wax Myrtle Don's Dwarf
Wax Myrtle Little Bull
Wax Myrtle P.C.
Wax Myrtle Pennsylvanica
Wax Myrtle Straw. Short Cake
Wax Myrtle Suwanee Elf
Wax Myrtle Tom's Dwarf
Wax Myrtle Tree Form
Weigela Midnight Wine PP 12217
Weigela Rainbow Sensation PP 20384
Weigela Shining Sensation
Weigela Spilled Wine PP 23781
Weigela Spilled Wine PP+++23781 PP 23781
Weigela Wine & Roses PP 10772
Whoa Nellie Holly
Wight's Compactum Holly
Willow Hakuro Nishiki
Wisteria Amethyst Falls
Wisteria Amethyst Falls Trells
Wisteria Blue Moon
Wisteria Cooke's Special Purpl
Wisteria Summer Cascade TM
Wisteria White
Yaupon Bordeaux Dwarf Holly
Yaupon Dwarf Holly
Yaupon Holly Hightower Upright
Yaupon Holly Kathy Ann Batson
Yaupon Holly Micron PP21168 PP 21168
Yaupon Holly Upright
Yaupon Hoskins Shadow Upright
Yaupon Scarlet Peak
Yaupon Upright
Yaupon Upright Shadow's Female
Yaupon Weeping
Yaupon Weeping Holly
Yucca Banana Split
Yucca Blue Sentry
Yucca Bright Edge
Yucca Dismetiana Blue Boy
Yucca Fil. Bronze Age
Yucca Fil. Color Guard
Yucca Fil. Excalibur
Yucca Filamentosa
Yucca Filamentosa Green
Yucca Gloriosa Variegated
Yucca Golden Sword
Yucca Pendula
Yucca Red Hesperaloe
Yucca Rostrata Texas Yucca
Yucca Texas Rostrata
Zenobia Woodlander's Blue
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